Digital Ambassadors

Who are the Digital Ambassadors?

  • We are twelve pupils, who are ready to help the children to stay safe when using the internet or smart phones.

  • The children can talk to us about any of their digital queries or concerns. We even have a special Digital Ambassadors box for the children to post their messages in, if they feel too shy or worried to talk to us or an adult.

  • We really care about the children in our school and their digital experiences are very important to us and we take our Digital Ambassador roles very seriously.


What are our aims?

  • Our biggest aim is to make sure the children have fun online but stay safe.

  • To advise the children on how to use social media safely – for example how to make sure their information is private.

  • To help the children if they are being cyber bullied by anyone.

  • To be here for the children if they see something that upsets them online.

  • To advise the children about what websites, games, apps you should or should not be using and why.

  • To make sure that the children do not share personal information with strangers online.

  • To help with any technical problems that the children might have.


Where will the children find us?


The children can come and speak to us at playtime and dinner time on both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds. We will wear a special badge with a blue lanyard.