Don't be fooled......

Hi Year 5...pinch, punch, first of the month! It's the first of April (April Fool's Day) so you need to be extra on your guard before 12, just in case any brothers or sisters might be planning a sneaky trick! Or maybe you have one planned?....

So today...


As a school, we have been given a chance to use Serial Mash on Purple Mash so I would like you to choose 1 of the books on Serial Mash (there are loads!) and have a go at answering some of the questions. Each book has a short blurb so you can choose something that interests you. Let us know how you get on by posting on our Year 5 Purple Mash blog. It's been great to see a few more of you joining in with it this week, but we need more of you to do so.


Long multiplication practise today - we worked so hard on this area of maths before school closed and it is really important that we keep practising so that we don't forget/lose the skill. There's a powerpoint if you need a reminder plus lots of examples for you to practise. Remember TTRockstars too and there's always Prodigy Maths if you want more!!!!!


There's a fun planet quiz saved in the 2Do section of Purple Mash - test your knowledge of the planets in our solar system!

I've been out for a two or three mile walk with my family every day since school has been closed and although it's been difficult to persuade my 2 daughters to join in some days!!!!!, we've all felt much better once we've exercised, so please try to do the same! I'm off on a bike ride with my family today for our once-a-day exercise so that should be fun!!!!

Don't forget to join in with our class blog! And don't be fooled before lunch...but do let us know if you ARE fooled -share your stories as I'm sure they would make us all laugh! Take care and stay well Year 5.


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