Dropping Off and Picking Up in September

At the start of September, we will need to have a staggered start and finish each day, to keep numbers down on the playground and on the road, to help keep you and your children safe.

The start and end time of school will vary by alphabetical order of surnames, unless you have a child in Nursery or Reception.

Start Times

8:40 Family surname A-G

8:50 Family Surname H-P


Gates close at 9.02! Family Surname R-Z

Pick-Up Times

2:50 Family surname A-G

3:00 Family Surname H-P

3.10 Family Surname R-Z

So, Joe Bloggs would come to school at 8.40 and be picked up at 2.50.

Katie Perry in Y2 and Susie Perry in Y5 would come to school at 8.50 and be picked up at 3.00

Sam Smith would come to school at 9.00 and be picked up at 3.10

Where children in the same family have different surnames, it will be by the FIRST surname in the alphabet.

James Blunt and his sister Hannah Montana would both come to school at 8.40 and be picked up at 2.50.

If you have children in Reception/Nursery and in Years 1-6

Morning Nursery start is 8.45

Reception start is 8.50.

If there is a sibling in Morning Nursery or Reception, THE OLDER SIBLING SHOULD BE DROPPED OFF FIRST to the Main Playground then the younger child dropped to the Hall Door (Reception) or Nursery Door.

At the end of the day RECEPTION will finish at 3.00RECEPTION CHILD TO BE COLLECTED FIRST from Reception Doors and older siblings to come out at 3.10 to main playground.

Afternoon Nursery will finish at 3.15. OLDER SIBLINGS TO BE COLLECTED FIRST AT 3.10 from Main Playground then collect Nursery child. Older children MUST stay by their parent and be closely supervised.

Staggering entrance/collection will ensure that the adults and children on site can distance appropriately and it will reduce the risk of children coming in to contact with children from other bubbles.

It is important that families stick to these times.

Adults from the appropriate classes will be on the playground/doors/corridors to support children and adults as they arrive at school.

Parents are to be encouraged to walk to school where possible and only one parent will be permitted on the school grounds.

Parents must not congregate on the playground/at the gates. They must instead arrive on time and then depart ASAP.

On the Main Playground, parents/carers MUST remain behind the yellow line/planter barrier at all times.

These measures will be in place until further notice -we hope to get 'back to normal' as soon as possible!

Thank you for your ongoing support!!


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