We have begun to receive information about a National Voucher System for children eligible for Free School Meals .

These will come in the form of an e-voucher, which will be emailed out to the MAIN CARER of each child.

As we understand it, each weekly voucher will be worth £15 per child. You will only be able to use the vouchers at certain supermarkets.

The vouchers are for term-time only. However, if your child is entitled to a free school meal PLEASE take advantage of this provision. These vouchers are there to help…every little helps!

We will need to know each child’s name and class. We will need an ACCURATE email address for the MAIN CARER – this person will use the vouchers on their phone as they shop.

If you do not have an email address, it would be worth setting one up.

We will need you to complete the form below. It is easy to do.

You can now see the form above here, Complete it on here and submit...easy!!!

Please complete and submit the form by 9am on FRIDAY 3rd APRIL so that we can begin to process the information.


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