Friday 5th June

Good morning, happy Friday!

Today's activities are all about The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. Here is the story to watch:

I hope you like it! My favourite part is when they put Hamish in the basket! What's your favourite part?

I would like you to imagine that you work in the lighthouse and you get your lunch shipped over in a basket everyday. What would you like to find in there? Some cold pizza? Cheese and red sauce sandwiches? I have uploaded a shopping list for you to write down what to buy to make your basket lunch. I know some people are having trouble downloading the documents so on Purple Mash, I have added it in Microsoft Word format and a PDF and also into the Handouts if this works better. You can always write your list onto any paper you have, see if you can photograph it and attach so I can see.

Once you have your shopping list, can you draw your lunch in the basket on Purple Mash? I look forward to seeing your yummy lunches!

Finally, I challenge you to make a lighthouse! You can use anything you have in your house: Lego, loo rolls, paper.. Take a photo and attach it to the document so I can see your creations - good luck!

Have a lovely day and weekend!

Miss L x


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