Good morning, it's Friday!

Thank you for completing your activities on Purple Mash - your tiger's teas looked yummy!

Today, I have added some activities about animals with camouflage - do you know what this is? If you don't, can you find out? Maybe this video will help:

In the Jungle folder, I have added some photos of camouflaged animals - can you spot them? Can you make a list of animals that have distinctive patterns? e.g. - A leopard has spots. A butterfly can look like leaves. I have also added some cards with the animals and their patterns to match together, if you can't print them can you draw your own and add labels?

On Purple Mash, I have set you an art activity to create your own big cat - what sort of camouflage will it have?

Have a lovely day and weekend :)

Miss L x


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