Have fun Friday!

Morning Nursery, what a rainy Friday morning. At least our sunflowers are getting watered.

Never mind, we can still have fun!

My challenge for you today is an indoor Scavenger Hunt, here's what you need to find:

A fork

Something that is red

A tissue box

3 things that have wheels

An orange crayon

Something that is very soft

A plaster/bandage

A key

2 socks that match

Something round

A sticker

A rubber band

A pair of glasses

An envelope

Be creative, if you don't have one of the objects, what could you use instead?

If you find all of the objects please send a photo to keyworkers@longknowleprimary.co.uk and I will award you a badge on MarvellousMe.

Then, because it's Friday, we must have a fun with Jack Hartmann, so let's bring back the sunshine by visiting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE-BI2WRnBU

Have fun Nursery, lots of love, Mrs Frisby x


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