How to hand in work on Purple Mash

Good morning Long Knowle parents and children! This information is really important moving forward!

As you know we are moving towards using Purple Mash more and more for our online work as it's a great way to see who is using the website and who is completing the work.

It also means that we can give you feedback on the work you are completing. There is lots of exciting new work coming over the next few weeks that you can complete as a family and it doesn't matter which year group you are part of.

It is really important that you share your work with us and so I have uploaded two videos about Purple Mash to help families with uploading and downloading work from the site.

The first video is how to login and how to access the pages using a laptop or PC. The second video is more useful if you are using a mobile phone or maybe a tablet.

If you need a reminder of your Purple Mash login then please contact using the following email address:

Someone will get back to you during school time hours to send your login out.

Please remember - it doesn't matter if you can't print off what has been sent out. You can use the information and write your work up on paper. I know there are some parents and children uploading a photograph of work instead. I show you how to do this in the videos.

Please watch the videos to find out more. This will help you be more successful with using Purple Mash moving forward. We know this isn't the same as being in class, but hopefully that time isn't too far away. Take care of yourselves - Mrs Bond

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