IT Access Survey

Just in case we have to isolate a class or a group of children (and we really hope that doesn’t happen!) we have been asked to find out what sort of access our families have to the internet, so that we can provide the best possible support for home learning.

We’re not being nosey – but if we have an accurate idea of who has what access to the internet, we can tailor what we can offer to each family.

What you can do on a phone is different to what you can do ion a tablet or laptop. If children have to share a device that also makes a difference to how much they can access online.

You’ll be pleased to know that some of what we can offer can be accessed through a games console eg X-Box!

If you have your internet access on broadband, before you fill in the form, check your download speed on

If you have use data on your phone to access the internet, try to find out how much data you have before you fill in the form. You can find this out from your phone provider (eg Vodaphone, EE, Tesco Mobile)

Please complete the form below and submit it by 9am next MONDAY, 21st September.

Thank you for helping us to help your children!


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