It's our favourite day, it's Friday!

Today is our last day of the Spring Term! The sun is shining so I'm challenging you and your grown ups to a Scavenger Hunt, either in your garden or on a little walk. Here's what you need to look for:

1. Find 3 leaves

2. Find something yellow

3. Name a bug that is red

4. Find 2 sticks

5. Find something that smells good

6. Name something you see in the sky

7. Find something that is round

8. Find something that grows that is green

9. Find a bird

10. Find 3 different coloured rocks

11. Find something purple (You know it's Mrs Frisby's favourite colour!)

12. Find a bug (Your grown up will love this one! If you pick it up remember to be kind and gentle, and then put it back where you found it).

Hope you have a lovely day in the sunshine :)

Just to make you smile, here is a photo of Billie with her favourite ball. Love Mrs F x


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