Last Day of March

Hello Year 4,

I hope you are all well today and ready for another day. I am really impressed with the work you are all doing so far. Super, keep it up. Remember to send your work back to me when you have completed it, you can even add a comment for me to see too.

English- Start off with your spellings. If you did not do the sheet yesterday have a go at that today. This week I want you to plan and write a biography about a famous scientist. I have attached some notes you could use about Thomas Edison but if you want a challenge you could select any other scientist of your own choice. You will need to do some research first and find out all about them. If you look on the classwork page you will find a planning sheet you can use and the notes about Thomas Edison. Today complete your research and your plan.

Maths- You have a new Purple Mash ‘To do’ activity. If you did not do the Power Maths activity yesterday please have a go at that too.

Topic- Continue with your project. If you want an extra challenge I have added a Purple Mash ‘To do’ about a Helen Sharman another famous scientist.

Have a good day,

Mrs Rollins


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