Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning, Year Five. It’s great to see so many of you keeping in touch using our blog on Purple Mash. It’s great to see you and hear from you! I can see you are keeping well and keeping busy. Today’s work…


Do you remember our work in school on parenthesis? Parenthesis is additional information in a sentence. Our school, Long Knowle, is on Blackwood Avenue. Can you spot the parenthesis in my sentence? What punctuation did I use? What other punctuation could be used for parenthesis? What would happen if the parenthesis is removed from the sentence? Do you remember when we did this in class? I have uploaded a PowerPoint for you to have a look at and there is also a task for you.

Also, don’t forget Lexia, Spelling Frame and reading for at least thirty minutes a day!


I’ve uploaded an arithmetic half test for you to work with your numbers. Work through it, mark it and revise any areas you need to. Are you becoming more fluent with this? Please speak to me online if there’s an area you need further support with.

Then you can use the BBC Bitesize website to work on your fractions. Follow this link or you can search KS2 BBC Bitesize > start a lesson> Year Five> 18th May Maths

On this page, there are two videos for you to watch showing the addition of fractions. There are also worksheets to match. I’ve also uploaded those worksheets onto our area.


Please follow this link to learn all about sustainability and plastics. There are several videos for you to watch, plus a quiz and worksheets too. Let us know how you get on on our blog!

Take care :)


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