Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning, Year Five :)

I hope that you have enjoyed your Easter holidays and have successfully managed to eat your bodyweight in chocolate! I also hope that you have been enjoying time together with your family and that you are behaving yourselves. I’m sure you are ;) Welcome back to the new school term. I wish I could be in front of you all this morning taking the register and looking through your reading diaries whilst chatting to you about your break but I’m sure we will be together again in time.

I trust that you have done your morning workout with Joe. I’ll just remind you of our suggested timetable and to make sure you are getting plenty of fresh air. Open your windows when you are at home too. Let that spring air in! I’m finding that helps and the weather is lovely. Spend time in your garden where possible.

So let’s get to work…


Ms Slide has uploaded a folder called ‘Exciting Writing Projects for all the Children’. The Year Five one is called ‘The Game’. Please follow the link to watch a clip of Jumanji. Has anyone ever seen this film? If you have access to this film through Sky etc. it would be great if you could watch it today. If not then the film clip on the link should be enough. Read the story extract provided and complete the task where it says:

Go back through the story and underline any words you don't know the meaning of. Now let’s investigate some of them together. The Sentence Challenge: Take a look at the definitions of the following words from the text. Take each word and put them into new sentences. How many sentences can you create?

Please also remember to go on Lexia if you have an account. There’s also SpellingFrame which is brilliant for practicing those spelling skills you need to work on!


I’ve uploaded another arithmetic test for you to get working on. This should be ideal for you to look at on screen and complete on paper. Also use TT Rockstars for at least ten minutes please :)


I am a keen cook and I think it’s such an important life skill to learn how to prepare food. In the past, I have run a cooking club in school, teaching children how to cook new things! In our folder, I’ve attached one of the recipe sheets I used. It would be great if you guys could cook something nice today. This is something you could do as a family and include brothers and sisters too. If you don’t fancy any of these recipes why not search for your own online? The BBC Good Food website is great for ideas! Also search for Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On for ideas of recipes with easy substitutes should you find resourcing the ingredients difficult. Or you could always ask your parents what they were already planning for dinner and help out. Alternatively you could always plan a family meal today that you could cook later on in the week. Perhaps write out the recipe and draw a picture of how it should look. Don’t forget to help with the washing up too! I would love to see pictures uploaded to our online blog on Purple Mash if you can! Tell us all about what you are eating during lockdown! I’ve also uploaded a worksheet called ‘Name that veg’. How familiar are you with your vegetables?

Speak soon :)


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