Pinch, Punch, First Of The Month.....of May!

Happy Friday Year 5. I hope you were able to show your appreciation for all of the NHS and Keyworkers at 8pm last night. There was lots of clapping and banging of pans in my street!

Today's activities


There are some activities for you to practise using commas to separate clauses, after adverbials and within lists. As usual, please use the Powerpoint to help you with the learning then complete the fluency activities.

We usually have our spelling test on Friday so please use Spelling frame to practise spelling those Y5/6 words which are inside your reading diaries.


Division with remainders....there is a Powerpoint and fluency/reasoning work for you to complete today please.

Also please spend some time on TTRockstars/Prodigy maths.


Mrs.Turner will be VERY proud of us today as we get musical :)

You will learn about duration and tempo by clicking:

The BBC Bitesize clip mentions the composer, Beethoven. Your task is to research this very famous composer and create either a poster/Powerpoint/leaflet/biography of his life. Please post your work on our class blog (Purple Mash).

Next Week....

Next Friday 8th May is an extremely important anniversary as it is 75 years since VE Day. Therefore, we have decided to have a VE Day/World War 2 themed week next week so look out for lots of interesting and exciting activities based on this very important period of our history.

Have a great weekend with your families and be good!

Take care xx


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