Return to School - Update (Wednesday)

Thank you for being patient with us – it has been a VERY busy couple of days.

We have managed to speak to most of the parents in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who had NOT let us know their thoughts about returning to school.

We will try to contact other parents in these classes tomorrow.

Since I last posted, things have changed somewhat. We are still taking advice from the DfE, Wolverhampton Council and other advisory bodies.

I can give you the following updates:

Most schools in Wolverhampton, including Long Knowle, will be closed to children on Monday 1st June, so that schools can undertake additional training around Health and Safety, and Risk Assessments. Those risk assessments are being updated daily.

IF the government expect schools to open during that week, we will only be taking the Year 6 pupils – and only those who have confirmed that they want a place.

It is likely, but not definite, that Year 1 and Reception pupils will return at some time during week beginning 8th June. SOME Nursery children MAY return during that week – but we are still carrying out assessments to see how safe that will be.

Until we know exactly how many pupils from each year group intend to return, we cannot specify how many days this will be for. That is why we have focused on speaking to parents in those year groups who had NOT confirmed a place.

Many of you have explained why you do not want to send your child in - THAT'S ABSOLUTELY FINE...WE UNDERSTAND!

If you have changed your mind and would like your child to come to school WE MUST KNOW THIS BY 12.00 TOMORROW (Thursday) After this we will NOT be able make any changes, other than in very exceptional circumstances.

If you think you want your child to be in one of the small groups returning to school (if safe to do so) PLEASE EMAIL THE SCHOOL BEFORE 9.30AM TOMORROW AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU FIRST.


Remember that parents will NOT be fined if you choose not to send your child in this term. Only you can decide whether you want to send them.

While we will be making things as safe as we possibly can, we cannot guarantee that children will be completely ‘socially distanced’ while they are in school.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and understanding.


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