School Meal Choice 14th and 21st September

For the last 2 weeks, lunchtimes have gone very smoothly!

FOR CHILDREN HAVING A SCHOOL MEAL we will continue to offer a choice of EITHER a HOT option or a COLD GRAB BAG option.

If your child is having a school meal, either free or paid for (on ParentPay) you need to select whether they will have a hot meal or a sandwich bag meal for next two weeks.

There will be ONE hot meal option and ONE sandwich option each day.

Once you have ordered, the meal will be ready for your child when they come into the Hall so that they can be served as quickly and as safely as possible.

It will not be possible to change this choice for the next two weeks once made.

Please submit the form below by 9am on Friday 11th Sept so that the cook can place her orders!

If you intend your child to have a school meal but do not complete the form to make a choice, they will have the COLD option.

Thank you.


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