St George's Day

I really enjoyed reading your newspaper reports for our Science lesson. Lots of you wrote about spiders, I will definitely be having a good look around before digging in my garden now. Ha. Don’t forget to check out the new blog on Purple Mash. Go to sharing, click on shared blogs, log onto the Year 4 blog. Read the comments and add your own message by clicking the green +.

Today’s work


If you have finished your biography there is a Purple Mash ‘To Do’ called Super hero profile to complete. Don’t forget to include expanded noun phrases in your writing.


Make sure you are up to date with your Power Maths activities on the classwork page. Today there is a new Purple Mash ‘To Do’ activity called ‘Multiples of 8’.


There is a Purple Mash activity called ‘Mini-beast Facts’.


I have also put on the classwork page a few fun activities about St George's Day for you try.

Have a great day Year 4,

Mrs Rollins X


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