Start of a new month!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning Year One!

I hope you are all okay and enjoyed completing yesterdays activities. Today is the start of a new month - April. It is still very strange to not be at school with you all but I am very proud with how hard you are all working from home.

Activities for the day!

Phonics – Can you find the ‘ch’ sound on your sound chart? What is the action? Can you write a list of words using the ‘ch’ sound? The ‘ch’ sound can be pronounced in three different ways. It can make a ‘ch’ sound (chip), a ‘sh’ sound (chef) and also a ‘c’ sound (school).

Play this game and practise sorting words containing ‘ch’ and identify which pronunciation is being used in the word.

* Phonics play free login – username: march20 password: home *

English – Zara and the Lost Cat Read chapters 4 and 5 and complete the activities I have set on Purple Mash.

Maths – Can you identify tens and ones? I have set you a 2do to complete on Purple Mash. I have also uploaded a place value chart to the class handouts page.

RE/Art – In Year One we have been learning about Christianity and if we had been in school this week we would have learnt all about the Easter Story and taken part in some Easter celebrations. Do you know why Christians celebrate Easter? On the class handouts page, I have uploaded two presentations all about Easter for you to read.

It is tradition to give Easter eggs to family and friends as part of the celebration. Can you decorate an egg of your own? I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash for you to do this or if you are able to, you could decorate a real egg!

Today I am also setting you a spelling challenge! Can you write the days of the week? We have practised this lots at school. You can either write them out of a piece of paper or use the 2Write app on Purple Mash.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Cleary


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