Summer Term Begins

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello to you all! I very much hope that you are well, and that you have had a good couple of weeks. I have enjoyed spending some time in the garden. Have you been enjoying the wonderful sunshine?

Today is the start of the Summer term. Every day, I will be posting activities for you to complete at home. I am looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work on Purple Mash! Don’t forget to exercise and get as much fresh air as you can. You could start your day with a Joe Wicks workout, or some Super Movers videos.

Activities for today!

English – spend some time practising spelling patterns on Spelling Frame and on Phonics Play.

- can you remember what an adjective is? Can you think of some adjectives?

- draw around your hand on a piece of paper. Inside each finger, write an adjective to describe yourself, e.g. brave, helpful, kind, polite and friendly. You could also write sentences using commas in a list. Can you use any suffixes?

- you could then create a hand for a friend or a family member. You could even cut the hands out and put them together to make a tree.

Maths – spend some time on TT Rock Stars. I have set up a new battle.

- think back to our work on shape. On the class handouts page, I have uploaded a 2D shape word mat. Have a go at drawing the different 2D shapes. Can you label how many straight sides, curved sides and corners they have? You could also draw a picture using the different 2D shapes. Do you remember when we made a castle picture using 2D shapes?

GeographyCan you remember the countries and capital cities of the UK? Complete the matching activities that I have set on Purple Mash. You could then ask an adult to help you research the countries and capital cities of the UK.

I hope that you enjoy these activities. Have a great day!

Miss Mason


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