Good morning, happy Thursday!

Today, I have some maths activities for you looking at 2D shapes:

You could also try these practical activities:

Shape hunt

Can you find something that is:





Pentagon (remember, this has 5 sides)

Hexagon (remember, this has 6 sides)

Octagon (remember, this has 8 sides)



A different shape altogether

Shape sorting

Find 10 different objects (these could be toys, shoes, leaves, twigs - anything!)

Can you see any shapes in your objects?

Can you sort your objects by colour?

Can you order your objects by size?

Can you make a pattern from them?

What is the same/different about these 2 objects?

Can you estimate how many of your objects will fit in your pocket/hand/a box? Were you right?

Can you make a label for the different groups you have made?

Shape describing

Make/find some 2D shapes and hide them in a bag or behind your back. Describe one of the shapes for an adult to guess - think carefully about how many sides and corners it has and whether the sides are curved or straight.

Shape pictures

Draw a picture of your house using only 2D shapes.

What else can you draw using 2D shapes? An animal? Yourself?

Have a lovely day!

Miss L x


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