Thursday 21st May

Hi Nursery. How did you get on with your Scavenger Hunt yesterday? Were you able to find everything?

I had a fun day looking after our butterflies! When I opened their net to give them fresh flowers and nectar, one cheeky butterfly flew away!

So, we had 3, but 1 less than 3 = ...?

Then, this morning, I noticed that the very last butterfly had nibbled its way out of its cocoon!

So, we had 2, but 1 more than 2 =...?

They are eager to fly away Nursery, so my next Caterpillar Cam will be the last, when we let them go.

If you visit Purple Mash have a go at drawing a beautiful butterfly and don't forget the Wiggly Woo resources in our folder.

Lots of Love Mrs Frisby x


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