Thursday 2nd April

Morning Year 5...hope everyone is well and keeping themselves busy. I loved my bike ride yesterday afternoon - we saw sheep and horses in the fields we crossed through as well, which was great! My shoulders are aching a bit today though! Ha ha

Today's learning:


Please spend some time on spelling frame, practising your spelling skills. I would also like you to choose a different book from Serial Mash today and answer the questions - let us know how you get on please on our Year 5 Purple Mash blog.


Subtracting fractions with mixed denominators. There's a powerpoint to remind you of what to do (remember common denominator!) and also practice activities. Have a go at some of them just to refresh your knowledge and skills.


Let's get creative! Why not paint or create a model from cereal boxes etc, bake something (I know lots of you have been doing this already), create your own board can be anything creative at all! Once you have finished, take a photo and post it on our Year 5 Purple Mash blog so that we can all share and enjoy each other's work! I think that would really cheer us all up!

Don't forget to get your daily exercise today as well...fingers crossed the sun will keep shining! You are allowed to go out for a lovely walk with your family or ride your bike with/alongside others in your household. Other than that, stay at home to keep everyone safe and PLEASE remember to wash your hands regularly throughout the day....we were doing this when we were all still at school, so please don't stop now - it's really important!

Take care everyone.


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