Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello Year One!

This week is going very quick! Well done to all those that completed the activities set yesterday. I was impressed with your lovely Easter egg designs.

Activities for the day! – Phonics – Can you find the ‘ng’ sound on your sound chart? What is the action? Can you write a list of words using the ‘ng’ sound? On the class handouts page, I have uploaded a short story for you to read. Can you find all the words containing the ‘ng’ sound? What other sounds can you spot in the story?

English – This week you have read the story ‘Zara and the Lost Cat’. Today your task is to retell this story in your own words. I have set a 2do on Purple Mash for you to complete this. Think carefully about the story and remember you can go back and read it again if you need to. You can find the story by clicking on the ‘serial mash’ section on the Purple Mash homepage. The story is in the ‘diamonds’ books.

Maths – Can you find 1 more than a given number to 20? I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash for you to complete. This is a game you can also play:

Music – Login to your Yumu account and complete the assignments I have set. Your login details can be found in the back of your reading diaries or were sent through a Marvellous Me message.

Have a fantastic day!

Miss Cleary


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