Tip Tapping Tuesday!

Good morning Nursery. Today is Tuesday 28th April and I can see raindrops tip tapping down my window. If you and your grown ups don't want to go outside today, I have set you a challenge that you can do inside (or outside too if you like the rain and puddles like Peppa Pig!)

5 Senses Scavenger Hunt (Remember your 5 senses: eyes to see, ears to listen, nose to smell, tongue to taste and hands to feel)

Find something that makes a crunch sound

Find something that tastes sour

Find something that smells good

Find something that feels smooth

Find 3 of the same thing

Find something that tastes sweet

Find something (or someone) loud!

Find something that is long

Find something that feels soft

Find something white

Find something quiet

Find something that feels soft

Our caterpillars are enjoying munching their food and I will post a video later so you can see them wiggle :)

Mrs Bond did a brilliant job making another lovely video :) Well done to everyone who sent in photographs. I really enjoyed seeing your smiley faces but it made think how much we all miss each other too.

Lots of Love, Mrs Frisby x


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