Good morning, happy Tuesday! I'm very glad to see the sun shining this morning, hopefully you will be able to enjoy some time outside :)

Today's activities:

On Purple Mash, I have set you a Maths challenge. You have some questions to answer about the numbers on a hundred square. This is quite hard and I'll be super impressed if you manage to have a go!

In the Water folder in Handouts, I have added some water-y science experiments! I know how much fun we had when it was Science Week blowing bubbles and generally making a mess (what's new!) so have a go at these if you can.

I have also uploaded a design you own sea creature sheet for you to draw something really imaginative! Will your creature have fins like a fish? Lots of legs an octopus? Tentacles like jellyfish? A hard shell like a crab? It's up to you! Once you have drawn it, write a sentence (or more!) describing your creature. Extra challenge: try to get 'because' into your sentence - e.g. My creature has lots of long legs because it needs to escape from sharks very quickly.

Have a good day :)

Miss L x


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