Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello, Year Five :)

Hopefully you will have had the chance to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Here is a website with some ideas of activities for you to do outside in the garden if you have chance. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2020/03/kids-nature-activities-self-isolation/

I hope you have also been able to access the activities set for you in the Year Five area. Mrs Morgan- Smith has put up a suggested timetable in our area for you to look at. I recommend you establishing a routine where possible.

Here is some work for you to do on Tuesday:


I've uploaded another grammar test for you to complete. Again please revise the areas of development as required. BBC Bitesize is really good for this and has videos, reading and interactive activities for you.

Also remember to read your chosen book for at least 30 minutes per day. OxfordOwl have a variety of eBooks for you if you follow this link: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/?view=image&query=&type=book&age_group=Age+9-11&level=&level_select=&book_type=&series=#

Don't forget about Lexia if you have an account, and there's also Spelling Frame. You can use this free website to practise skills as required for you. You can also take some time to work through the spelling document I supplied yesterday.


I've uploaded some addition of fractions. There's also a PowerPoint for you to look at. This is something we have covered in school already so you should have some idea. Remember to find the common denominator and then add the fractions.

There's also another arithmetic test with answers for you to complete and mark. That should keep you busy. Again, revise where required.


There's a PowerPoint with information about Neil Armstrong. Take a look and also do your own research. There's some interactive activities on Purple Mash too however I know this site has had its problems since the high usage and school closures have come into place :(

You may want to make your own information sheet about what you learn. I've provided a template to give you an idea but, just like in school, you can be creative and think of your own way to show what you have learnt.

Remember our moon diaries? You may want to keep your eye on the moon each night too. We're in the New Moon phase at the moment. This is where the moon is positioned between us and the sun so that we can't see the part that's illuminated. It should be waxing later in the week. Can you remember which side is lit up when the moon is waxing? Take a look and sketch what you see!

If you fancy something a little more practical for Science then there are some great ideas in this link, should you have the supplies. http://www.sciencefun.org/kidszone/experiments/

Finally, take care everyone. Please try your best to be productive with your time off and keep learning! I'll speak to you soon :)


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