Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning, team. I hope you are all doing well. Did you get a chance to see the video Mrs Bond uploaded? It’s so lovely to see everybody and the ways in which you are keeping active. The picture of me is with my uncle. His name is Aden and we always enjoy going running together, but we can’t at the moment so that picture is from the past. Now I go running alone but I’m sure we can go together again eventually!

So, today’s work…


I hope you did well with your work on relative clauses yesterday. We’ve revised this a few times now so you should be experts! Today we will plan our ideas for our own version of this story. Did you have a chance to watch Jumanji yet? It’s very good. On pages 17 and 18 of the booklet you will see your instructions.

It’s now your turn to be an author. Let’s look at the problem section of The Game. We’re going to re-write it with new ideas. What other problems could the game cause? What else could come out of the game and what would it do? Keep the classroom setting the same for now and plan a new idea. You can make notes or draw what will come out of the game and what it will do once it’s released.

There’s a planning sheet too that you can use to draft out your ideas.


On Purple Mash I’ve set you a game called Factoroids. Can you remember what a factor is? Factors come in pairs and multiply together to make their product. For example 2x3= 6 therefore 2 and 3 are factors of 6. Can you think of a common factor of 9 and 15? That’s right, it’s 3, because 9 and 15 are both in the 3 x tables and 3 is a factor of both 9 and 15. Use this game as a warm up to help you with factors (Level 3 is really tricky on this one!). There’s also more work on factors and another arithmetic test for you.


Get creative and colour in some rainbow factor pairs. These might be nice to display in your home. I’ve uploaded some worksheets and some examples in our folder. There’s also a video showing you how to do it. The link is on the interactive worksheet.

Take care. :)


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