Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Happy Tuesday Year One!

I hope you all enjoyed completing yesterday’s activities. I had some brilliant work handed in on Purple Mash. Keep it up!

Activities for today! –


- Recap sounds and tricky words using the resources on the class handouts page.

- Purple Mash 2do – Complete the words by finding the missing sounds.


- Re-read the story ‘The Bear Who Came To Babysit’ on the class handouts page.

- Purple Mash 2do – Can you retell the story in your own words?


- Practising writing numbers 1-20 in words.

- Purple Mash 2do – Complete the number hunt challenge!


- Explore the computing activities on Purple Mash.

- If you can, download the free Beebots app and complete the levels.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Cleary


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