Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning, Year Five.

I know that you have been enjoying Joe Wicks' workouts each day so I've attached a document with some diagrams showing you some of his activities for future reference in today's folder. Please try to keep active as much as you can!

I miss our Tuesday visits to the school library but please remember Oxford Owl have some great ebooks for you. I know I have some keen readers (a.k.a. bookworms!) in our class and many of you will already have a massive t.b.r. (to be read!) pile on your bookshelves that you can devour even more now you have more time at home, but those ebooks have their place too. They're there if you are finding you need something to read and are quite good. I personally like the Black Beauty one. Here's the link again: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/?view=image&query=&type=book&age_group=Age+9-11&level=&level_select=&book_type=&series=#


I've uploaded another SPaG test for you. Again complete and revise where required. I bet you're getting good at these now! Then I would like you to do at least half an hour reading and use Spelling Frame too.


Do you remember our game we used to play in school? The factors and multiples game with a 100 square? Well, guess what? I've found an online version! Check it out! https://wild.maths.org/factors-and-multiples-chain

Then practise your tables on TT Rockstars. There's an arithmetic test for you too.

I've also uploaded a PowerPoint and activities on telling the time again. Do you know how many minutes are in an hour? How many seconds are in a minute? Go through the ppt and then there are some real life problems for you.


Remember your trip to Bridgnorth last year? We looked at the river Severn. I would like you to revise what you've learnt about rivers. There's a reading comprehension for you and a diagram to label too. You could print this diagram and label if you have a printer. If not, you could look at the worksheet and sketch it out on paper and label it. Alternatively, if you fancy something practical, you could have a go at building your own river model. I've uploaded a picture showing how you could do this. Again, it depends on the supplies you have at home!

Take care and speak soon :)


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