Tuesday catch-up

Good evening!

Hope that today finds you all safe and well.

I can see that your teachers are adding all sorts of things for you to do onto the website! Well done if you’ve had time to give some of them a go.

Big well done if you’re doing the ‘Joe Wicks’ workout each day. The staff who’ve done it are telling me that it’s really making their legs ache and getting them breathing hard – so it’s got to be good for you!

There are lots of new things popping up every day to give parents and children new options.

David Walliams is releasing a FREE audio story every day for the next 30 days. It might help some parents out there to get their kids to quieten down and listen to a story whilst you get a few jobs done or just grab a cuppa. https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses

After last night’s announcement, we’re pleased to see that the streets around school are empty.

Please note that if you have requested ‘Key Worker’ provision for your child we will only offer this to parents who are in proven ‘critical’ roles. If there is a second parent/step parent/partner who is not in a critical role, we will not be able to offer provision. If there is a possibility of two parents in ‘critical’ roles splitting their work pattern, this will need to be done. This is to protect the children, parents and their families who really have no option. We also need to protect the staff who will be in school supporting them. If your role is not critical, you and your child must stay at home.

In the years to come, most of what your children will remember about Corona Virus will be what they hear and see at home.

Try to help them to remember patience, resilience and good family memories, rather than panic and tears.

Let this be the time they learn to cook, garden, sew, play board games, do jigsaws…and read for pleasure!

Please continue to stay in and to stay safe. And keep your fingers crossed that the sun stays out!

Ms Elliot


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