Tuesday’s Tower Challenge!

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning, Year Two! I hope that you are all well. Did you enjoy completing your activities yesterday? Lots of you completed the countries and capital cities of the UK activities on Purple Mash – well done!

Activities for today!

Today I have a challenge for you! What is the tallest tower that you can make? I have uploaded a worksheet on the class handouts page…you can use this if you like.

- start by deciding on the materials that you will use. Perhaps you could use paper, Lego, sticks, cardboard, straws, play dough…be creative!

- draw a picture of your tower design. Can you label the different materials?

- ask an adult to help you build your tower.

- measure how tall your tower is. You could measure it using a ruler or a tape measure, or you could measure it using an object, e.g. how many pencils are as tall as the tower?

- write about what you found out. Which materials were good? Was there anything that made this challenge difficult? What would you do differently next time?

- tell me about the challenge on Purple Mash - I have set a 2Do. What materials did you use? How tall was your tower?

I hope that you have fun completing Tuesday’s Tower Challenge!

Also, try to spend some time on TT Rock Stars today - I have set up a battle for this week.

Miss Mason


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