W, w, w, w, Wednesday :)

Good morning Nursery, today is Wednesday 29th April 2020. The weather is a bit rainy today. Incey Wincey Spider is not keen on the rain because it washed the poor spider out!

Incey begins with i, i, i, i, Incey Wincey, so today, can you make him happy by finding as many things as you can that begin with 'i.'

It's a tricky one so I'm going to give you some clues to help you.

Incey Wincey is a spider, what do we call these and other small creatures?

If you are asked to go to a party you might receive one of these.

A doctor or nurse might give you one of these and it has special medicine inside it.

A lizard begins with this sound. Can you find a picture of one on the Internet?

How many others can you find?

Can you write one in the air with your magic finger?

'Slide Incey Winey down the drain, then flick him on the dot.'

Can you write one with your crayons, pens or pencils?

Can you find an 'i' around the house? On packets or boxes you might have in your cupboards?

Grown ups, don't forget there is a folder called Letters and Sounds in our class pages if you need more help with our phonic scheme.

Have fun, stay safe, lots of love, Mrs Frisby xxx

*Don't forget to sing Incey Wincey Spider, it's our song this week :)


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