Good morning, everyone! What has happened to the sunshine..?! Someone must have been singing to make it rain so much (not me!!)

I am so impressed with the work you are handing in on Purple Mash - I knew you were all a bunch of smartie pants :)

Today, I have a story for you to listen to:

It's about a cat called Mog who really doesn't like going to the vets! I hope you enjoy it. I have uploaded some work for you about the story - you have to draw and write about different parts of the story.

Don't forget to check out today's 2Dos on Purple Mash. The phonics work I have set you today moves onto Phase 4 which is a bit more tricky than what you have been doing before. Have a go and see how you get on. I have also set you a creative task which I can't wait to see :)

Have a good day!

Miss L x


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