Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Happy Wednesday Year One!

Well done to those that completed yesterday’s activities. I hope you enjoyed researching about different types of farms.

Activities for the day! – Phonics – Can you find the ‘e-e’ sound on your sound chart? What is the action? Can you write a list of words using the ‘e-e’ sound? (E.g. Eve) On the class handouts page, I have uploaded a postcard for you to read. Can you spot all the words that contain the e-e sound?

English – Questions for Farmers (Purple Mash) Following on from yesterday, today your task to day is to write questions that you would like to ask farmers. These can be about anything you would like to learn about farms. Don’t forget to use a question mark at the end of your question! I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash for you to complete this.

Maths – Counting in 2’s (Purple Mash) Yesterday you began to learn how to count by 2’s. Explore these links and complete the 2do I have set on Purple Mash.

Painting Squares - Can you paint all the numbers you say when counting by 2’s. Do you notice any patterns?

Counting by 2’s song – Can you practises counting by 2’s by singing this song?

Numberblocks – Watch this episode to practise counting by 2’s

Earth Day 2020

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate our wonderful world, I am challenging you to think of 5 different ways you can help look after Earth. This might be by recycling, using less water or even planting a tree. I have uploaded an activity for you to complete on the class handouts page, inside the 'Earth Day' folder. In this folder, I have also uploaded a few other activities linked to Earth Day.

Have a wonderful day, don't forget to get plenty of exercise and fresh air too!

Miss Cleary


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