Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning, Year Five. Have you noticed how fresh the air feels now that there’s less traffic on the roads? I hope you have been enjoying your home learning. It’s great to see you on the blog and see how you are having time to draw, bake things and enjoy the great outdoors. Each time I go to the park on my daily walk, I see children learning how to ride their bikes. It looks so fun! Enjoy this time and use it productively; it’s so good to see you learning new skills. Are you still making time to read? I've been reading a thriller book and I've also got an audio book on Audible that I can listen to when I go for a walk or do my chores. I'd love to know what you are reading. Did you manage to help with the cooking this week? It would be great to know what you have learnt to cook!

Anyway, today’s work…


I hope you managed to discuss the story with someone yesterday. I didn’t see any messages on our blog but hopefully you managed to share your thoughts with somebody. We will continue with our writing project. Today there are some comprehension questions for you to do on pages 11-13.


I’m hearing that some of you are still struggling with long multiplication. Here’s a video explaining the method: Please make sure you have your parents’ permission before accessing YouTube. I’ve also uploaded a poster which breaks down the steps to show you how to do it. There’s a sheet with further calculations and answers as well. You might want to design your own poster showing how to do it. Don’t forget TT Rockstars! :)


On Purple Mash I’ve set you some 2Dos. They’re all about telling the time, converting time and reading timetables. Complete this if you like but if you’d rather spend some time doing the above (cooking dinner, baking cakes, learning to ride your bike, walking, designing posters and drawing) then go for it! Take care, team!

Remember to keep in touch on our blog and let me know how you’re getting on. Speak soon!


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