Wednesday 25th March

Good morning, everyone :) I hope you are all managing to keep busy. It's going to be another lovely sunny day so try to get outside if you can!

Today, I have some Literacy activities for you about the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

Start by watching the story:

If you have the book at home, even better - you can read along!

Here are some activities relating to the story you can try:

Find some props from the story and use them to retell what happens (wellies, a cardboard box, a colander).

Write 3 (or more!) sentences about what happened to Baby Bear: First,... Then,... Last,... Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of each sentence!

Make your own picnic on the moon. Can you share your snacks equally amongst your toys? What if you have 3 biscuits and 2 toys - how can you make it fair?

Write a list of things you would pack to take to the moon.

I will also upload some activities into the Handout section - if you can print them, great! If not, you should be able to use paper and a pencil instead.

Have a lovely day :)

Miss L


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