Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello Year Five :)

The weather today has been absolutely beautiful. I hope you have managed to get outside and have some fresh air. Hopefully now, a few days into your new journey of learning from home, you are getting a little more used to this new way of education. I'm sure you will remember this time in years to come- the time when you had an opportunity to learn at home with your family! It is certainly a time for character- building and I'm sure when I see you again you will be so much more independent.

Now I really am starting to miss you guys so much already so we've had a great idea... a class blog! If you go onto Purple Mash, there's a 'Sharing' section at the top. Click on it and then you will see blogs. I've set up a class blog called Year Five Blog. Take a look! We can send messages to each other and we can share our work too. I'd like to hear back from you and see what you've been doing. It is very safe- it can only be seen by our class and I as teacher need to approve any messages before they appear to the other children. I've put a welcome message on there so have a go at accessing it. If you can, send a message back! I would love to hear from you!

Ok so work for Wednesday...


I've put some more SPaG revision in the folder for you. I would also like you to read for pleasure. The weather is very sunny so if you have a garden, it would be great to sit in it and read. You may not be able to leave your home very much at the moment but books can take you on a journey of your imagination! Just read for fun and this will help you with your stamina.


There's some real life word problems involving adding and subtracting fractions in the Maths folder. I've also uploaded another arithmetic test for you. Don't forget TT Rockstars- our total minutes for the whole class was 36 on Monday and 26 on Tuesday- I'm sure we can do better! Therefore I have set up a battle- Boys V Girls from Wednesday to Friday this week!


I've set a lovely little reading comprehension for you. Remember the other Neil Armstrong 2Dos on Purple Mash. It seems to be working again now. Also, remember the link I set you about the practical Science experiments? You could always do some of those too. If you so manage to complete any of those, I'd love to see pictures when we get back to school.

Finally, remember our moon diaries? Well, if you look in the Science folder for Wednesday I have uploaded our song... Those are the phases of the mooooon.... Those are the phases of the mooon! I simply couldn't resist!

Take care guys, and don't forget to drop me a message on the blog if you can :)


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