Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning, Year Five. It’s Wednesday already! Let’s see what we are up to today…


Look at page 19 of the booklet. What could be the clue that something is about to come out of the game? Could your characters hear a noise? Could they feel a draft? How did your characters react to this? Then describe what came out of the game. I would love to read your story extracts on our blog or when we return to school. Remember absolutely any creature could come out of the game. You could even draw a picture of it!


Did you do any of your arithmetic practise yet? Let me know which ones you have done and how you got on. I’ve uploaded more arithmetic work for you. There’s also a sheet on adding and subtracting decimals set out in pyramids.


It’s going to rain again today so I thought it would be nice for you to keep active indoors. I’ve uploaded a PowerPoint showing various yoga poses that you can practise in the house. It would be great to also have some nice music. Lots can be found on YouTube. Here’s one Always check permission with an adult before using YouTube.

Take care and keep smiling :)


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