Years 2, 3, 4, 5 - UPDATE

Time for the next update on a gradual return to school this term….

We continue to take advice from the DfE and from Wolverhampton City Council.


We have taken back the children in Years 1 and 6 whose parents chose for them to return. We will be taking back the few children from Nursery and Reception whose parents have chosen for them to return on Monday 15th June.

Originally the Government said that they expected a return for all years by the end of this summer term. Many schools are not in a position to do this due to space, number and staffing.

We are hoping that we may be able to open to some children in Years 2, 3, 4 and/or 5 in some way before the end of term.

We, too, are limited by space and numbers – we will only be able to take children in very small groups.

The same circumstances apply as previously:

· We will not be able to have more than 8 in a group (or ’bubble’)

· The bubble may not be taught by their current teacher, or in their current classroom

· We cannot guarantee that we can take everyone if we do not have enough staff or space

· Depending on numbers we may make a ‘limited offer’ to each group of children

· There will be NO mixing of bubbles at any point during the day.

· Children will have to remain in a given seat and maintain a 2m social distance at all times

· Children will not be able to share resources

· Children will have an allocated outdoor play space

· Break and lunchtimes will be staggered throughout the day

· Children will eat lunch either outside or in their classroom

· Start and finish times will be different for each bubble to reduce numbers outside the school gate. Only one adult will be allowed to drop/collect the children

· Adults will be not allowed on the school site

· Strict rules regarding hand-washing, movement around school and expectations in school will be in place.

· The school will be closed to children for one day each week (currently Friday but subject to change) for deep cleaning.

If a child or adult within a 'bubble' shows any symptoms of Covid-19, they, and the rest of the bubble, will be sent home immediately to isolate until evidence of a negative test can be provided.

Until we know exactly how many pupils from each year group might choose to return, we cannot specify any further details at this point.

If your child is in Year 2, 3, 4 or 5 please complete the attached form and submit it online by 9am on Monday 15th June at the latest.

You will be asked whether or not you want your child to be considered for a place, should their year group return before the end of term, or not. If you answer ‘Yes’, you are asked to read and accept the Home school Agreement which is already posted on the website.

You may need to copy the link into your browser to access the form.

Please complete a separate form for each child, in Years 2, 3, 4 or 5 if you have more than one!

After 9am on 15th June, only in exceptional circumstances will you be able to change your mind regarding sending you child into school during the Summer term. This is due to planning around rooms, staffing etc.

Children in Nursery/Reception Y1 and Y6 have already had the opportunity to return. Those ‘bubbles’ are now in place.

Remember that parents will NOT be fined if you choose not to send your child in this term. Only you can decide whether you want to send them.

Children who do not return during the remainder of the Summer term will be expected to take part in the online learning provided.

While we will be making things as safe as we possibly can, we cannot guarantee that children will be completely ‘socially distanced’ while they are in school.

We will, of course, let you know as soon as possible what the intentions are for September – when it is expected that ALL CHILDREN WILL ATTEND SCHOOL - although we don't know what that looks like, yet!

Thank you again for your ongoing cooperation and understanding.

Ms Elliot


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