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Reception Curriculum Statement 


Intent – 

In Reception, we aim to provide a positive, nurturing and friendly environment in which all children are supported and encouraged to meet their full potential. We are proud of our home school links and use our strong knowledge of and partnerships with our families to foster an inclusive environment where children’s unique learning styles are supported. We do this through a planned but flexible curriculum following the seven areas of learning and supporting children’s individual characteristics of effective learning. 

Implementation – 

Our curriculum values cultural capital and providing children with careful planned activities to broaden and enrich their experiences of the world we live in. Our learning builds on prior knowledge from both Nursery and home and is carried out in a communication rich environment in which we use high quality adult interactions to guide children in making progress towards meeting the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) at the end of Reception. We are fortunate to have an on site Forest School area which we use regularly as we are aware that many children thrive in an outdoor setting. This area aims to foster children’s resilience, creativity and independence and provides a safe environment for them to take and manage appropriate risks. We believe that children’s wellbeing and mental health is integral to and underpins all other learning and we actively teach self-regulation techniques and support children in building positive relationships with all. We want our children to be kind, respectful and tolerant of others and hold a weekly Jigsaw (PSHE) circle time session that develops mindfulness and emotional Literacy. Books form the heart of our curriculum and our termly topics (such as ‘I Wonder What Happens If…?’ and ‘I Wonder Why We Do That?’) have poetry, fiction and non-fiction as a base for all other learning. Maths sessions follow the Power Maths scheme which focuses on the mastery approach to deepen understanding and allows children to undertake complex reasoning through language.   


Impact – 

Our Reception curriculum creates happy, confident and creative learners. Children transition into Year 1 equipped with knowledge and self-confidence that will allow them to continue to thrive in their new challenges of the National Curriculum. Children’s progress is constantly monitored through adults who know them well and observe them in their play and adult focused activities. We work closely with lead teachers in school and outside agencies to put support in place should children need it.  

Educational Links to support children at home

Use these links to support your child with educational links at home


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English - Alphablocks


Range of games for Early Years -


Maths - Top 10 Games -


The Early Years Curriculum at Long Knowle has been thoughtfully created by listening to pupil voice, wishes and desires and by a whole team approach to planning a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum to ensure our children develop and receive a holistic approach to learning.  


We have devised a set of 'Milestones' that is specifically for our children in our care at Long Knowle. This document informs half termly medium-term plans and supports the planning of learning opportunities in both the Nursery and Reception indoor and outdoor classrooms. The document clearly shows the expectations we have for learning in our setting and shows what our children should have learnt and when they should have learnt it by. The document also takes into consideration children building on their prior learning and how their learning will be developed in the following term. 

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