Our Staff

Head Teacher: Ms K. Elliot

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs J Bond

Assistant Head Teacher/SENCo – Miss N Slide


Nursery—Mrs Frisby, Mrs Connor 

Reception — Mrs Tew, Miss Lawless, Mrs Brown   (Miss Lawford on Maternity leave)

Year 1  - Miss Cleary, Ms Coleman, Mrs Broxton, Miss Saul

Year 2— Miss Mason, Mrs J Dee 

Year 3— Miss Meakin, Mrs Brownlie

Year 4  - Mrs Rollins, Mr Fereday (Tuesdays), Mrs Quinton, Mrs Poulton 

Year 5—Mrs Morgan Smith (English Lead/SLT), Mr Fereday -  additional support for 2 mornings, Mrs Turner

Mrs Moore – Maternity Leave – to return April 2022

Year 6— Mrs Bond (DHT) and Miss Slide(AHT/SENCo) , +Mrs Price (additional support 3 days) and Mr Bailey


Pupil and Family Support – Miss Roberts and Mrs Cook (3 days each)

Admin – Mrs Shaw (SBM), Mrs Mitford

Site Manager – Mr Payton


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Hilton

Mrs Hindley

Mrs D Dee

Mrs Heera

Mrs Ward

Mrs Chima

Mrs Gold