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Digital Ambassadors


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Our school has a team of Digital Ambassadors who are all trained in Online Safety and how to support their peers. Our Digital Ambassadors are made up of children fromYear 5 and Year 6. 


The Digital Ambassadors meet with the children throughout the year and give them regular challenges and tasks to give them the knowledge and tools that they need to stay safe online.


Our Digital Ambassadors will lead assemblies throughout the school year to continue to promote staying safe online. 


Finally, our Digital Ambassadors have created worry boxes that are located around the school. They will check the worry boxes to see if any concerns have been put in and they will deal with them appropriately. 

Questions for Parents


  • Do you know what your child is up to in the online world?

  • Do you have conversations about what your child does on their electronics?

  • Do you know what apps/games your child is accessing?


Questions for Children

  • Do you think about the PEGI rating of a game before you play it?

  • How long do you spend online?

  • Do you have any social media and do your parents know about it?


Keeping Yourself Safe


Below are some helpful links.

If you are worried and need advice Childline are available anytime to give support.
Childline Phone Number 0800 11 11
Their website is

Our Digital Ambassadors have created these helpful posters for parents and children to help them keep safe when online

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