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Nurture Provision

The Treehouse


At Long Knowle, we are fortunate to have adapted a space within our school for the use of a nurture room.  Our nurture room is designed to be a bridge between home and school; a place where children can feel safe and secure. The Treehouse has a table to share snacks, a seating area, a calming sensory corner and space to provide opportunities for collaboration and social interaction. 

Pupils at Long Knowle may have the opportunity to visit The Treehouse in small groups.  This space is a place for learning and groups are well thought-out to create balanced and functional groups.  The purpose is to offer our pupils opportunities to re-visit early learning skills; promoting and supporting their social and emotional development.  Research supports that children’s learning is most effective when they have a sense of emotional well-being, good self-esteem and a feeling of belonging to their school community.  The Treehouse provides our pupils with this opportunity and thus helps to develop their maturity and resilience. 

The Treehouse can support a range of needs, including:

  • Friendship difficulties – keeping/making friend

  • Low confidence or self-esteem

  • Social difficulties – sharing/speaking and listening

  • Concentration difficulties 

  • Bereavement/Family illness 


The Treehouse aims to boost children’s confidence and self-esteem and provide some children with the extra support needed to improve their social skills and independence: 

  • To join in

  • To become more settled in class

  • To listen and concentrate

  • To share and take turns

  • To build up secure friendships with their peers

  • To encourage positive attitudes towards learning

  • To support pupils to manage situations and increase their skills to become more successful learners. 


The Treehouse follows a structure and routine that is clear to both staff and pupil.  Activities range from group speaking and listening, work tasks and individual and shared play and social skills.  The group runs on consistence with positive reinforcement and praise. 


Before pupils attend nurture provision, parents are informed by letter and requested to give consent. 

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