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School Council

Welcome to Long Knowle School Council

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Our School Council is a group of pupils who act as representatives of their peers in discussing school issues with staff. Here at Long Knowle, it is one of the ways that we represent the Pupil Voice in our school. 

Our School Council give their views on a range of issues and take part in regular meetings to discuss their ideas and those of the other pupils. They listen to the other children in the school and pass on messages. 

As we support the British Value of Democracy, we hold an annual election where pupils vote for their School Council representatives.

Here are some of the things that School Council have contributed towards so far:

  • Making decisions for World Book Day, including which books the teachers will share with children and how the day will be celebrated.

  • Ideas for the new library, including how it will be organised, its layout, and planning which furniture is required. 

  • Organising competitions, such as the Easter Rabbit Hunt

  • Deciding how money will be spent in school and finding out what equipment the pupils want.

  • Break time arrangements, such as timetabling and determining what games and equipment will be used.


Here are some quotes from our School Council:


Aliana, Year Three:

“It’s really fun. We take our books and write down the ideas of the children.”

Theo, Year Two:

“We talk about what new things we can have for the school.”

Sienna, Year Five:

“Decisions aren’t always made for us. We get to choose!”

Erika, Year Four:

“I was glad to find out people had voted for me.”

Malachi, Year Six:

“We had an election because we believe in democracy.”

Joseph, Year Three:

“It feels lovely to represent our school.”

Faith, Year Two:

“We get to wear a badge!”

Our School Council Members

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